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EComm Plastic Bag
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New eCommerce Pickup and Delivery Bag

We now have a specially designed bag for eCommerce pickup and delivery orders!

There are many benefits to using this new bag, but there are also lots of questions that may come up as we transition from a paper bag to a plastic bag and we want everyone to be aware of the reasons for the change.

We wanted a bag that is easy to use, holds it shape when being filled, has handles, is strong enough to pack full without breaking, and can also be reused again and again.

Although this is a plastic bag, it is designed to be reused and last a long time rather than a typical single use plastic bag.

Customers can use them around the home, or reuse them for future shopping trips.

We won’t be reusing bags to fulfill eCommerce orders, but customers are encouraged to bring them along for those times when they shop in the store.

All Cubs have a recycling station in the entrance of the store

It has not yet been determined if that EComm runner will get from the pick up customer.

Here are some additional benefits to the new bag:
• Bag Fee Ordinances
• Duluth will not have to charge an eCommerce customer a bag fee for these bags as they are reusable
• Minneapolis requires a fee on any type of bag, even reusable, so a fee will need to continue being charged for Minneapolis stores
• Bag fee ordinances can vary by city and will dictate whether or not we have to charge for these bags. If you city is adopting a bag fee, please let your Store Director know so we can be sure to comply with the specific requirements.
• Reduce
• Bigger, stronger bag – made with a minimum of 20% recycled material
• Customers can feel confident maximizing the entire bag: Pack 5+ 1 More!
• Less bags going home, less bags in the environment
• Carbon footprint to produce plastic bags is lower than paper
• Reusable
• Able to carry 22lbs. across a distance of 175ft. up to 125 times
• Waterproof and won’t tear apart in the rain!
• Recyclable
• Recycle at any Cub store
• Used by Trex to create sustainable decking


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